It's no day at the beach, but it's Paradise

Arsenal Roster



Player Name Jersey # Contact 1 Email
Matt Paradise Coach
Mike Proviano Assistant
Paul Paradise Assistant
Tony Williamson Manager
Daugherty, Kailyn 20 Melissa Daugherty
D’incau, Andrea 22 Dianne D’Incau
Durmis, Anna 7 Sheila Durmis
Ellingsen, Carly 9 Nicole Ellingsen
Kirkpatrick, Emily 21 Kim Kirkpatrick
Lewis, Abby 33 Kristin Lewis
Lightner, Miranda 4 Randy Lightner
Novotny, Carissa 23 Tina Novotny
Proviano, Gina 11 Mike Proviano
Roming, Lauren 8 Greta Roming
Seabol, Riley 3 Wendy Seabol
Sigut, Morgan 1 Karilynn Sigut
Williamson, Delaney 99 Tony Williamson





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